Some men stand up for women’s rights, equality, and fairness. I’m proud to say, without any reservation, I do.

I must admit that I get get a little tired of hearing women say that men don’t do enough for women. Most of the complaints I hear are about the lack of men (in large numbers) not standing up for women.

I would argue that I would have a hard time finding mass numbers of men who are against women in these issues. In fact, the largest majority of men that I know do indeed want improvements in all issues that affect women. No, I’m not in denial and I’m not saying that there’s not a part of our population of men who don’t. Just saying, I’m not buying into the idea that it’s a widespread problem among most men.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that these issues are not a problem in our society. Like most (and I do believe the majority of) men, have seen unequal pay problems for the same job. I’ve seen women treated unfairly in the courts such as rape cases. And the list goes on for many subjects related to women’s rights, equality, and fairness. We can’t fix a problem if we don’t agree that it is a problem. So yes, I agree that it’s still a huge problem that needs to get fixed. With everyone involved.

Recently, I watched one woman on TV saying that more men need to profess their solidarity with women on TV – I guess some think TV personalities will be the catalyst for change. I’m not sure I understand or agree with this line of thinking. Not all men are against equality just because each one of us is not screaming out to large audiences – I don’t believe for one minute that making statements on TV would change the minds of men who just don’t care anyways. Misguided wishful thinking? Perhaps.

It’s like the never-ending problem of prejudice. It’s so damn hard to believe that we are living in modern times and yet, it still remains. The strides and progress made so far have not been enough. Change has come way too slow for all our liking.

Women should take note that some men are just as frustrated about the lack of progress on all these issues. We (at least for me) also feel somewhat helpless. But speaking out to others about issues such as these is not part of every man’s personality traits. Again, it does not mean that those same men don’t stand with women. In my honest opinion, I think you would find the majority does. But I would so hate to be wrong about this.

I believe that women’s rights, equality, and fairness are not an issue that’s all about men. It’s a human issue that we all need to address together.


  • Ensure we vet each and every candidate for all government offices, making sure they are on the right side.
  • Not be afraid to call out employers who treat women any different than their men counterparts. Many times, it’s the boss that has the problem, not the company. There are easy ways we can act anonymous and incognito to bring these bad behaviors public.
  • Remember that many judges are on ballots too. Make a stand. Vote the bad apples off the benches!
  • Boycott purchasing goods from companies who have a bad track record. Ask others to join you and let the company know that you won’t be purchasing from them until they change. Use social media to voice your concerns. Many companies watch for anything that resembles negativity.

For the most part, we all need to stand up and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. I do think that the numbers in favor of making positive change are already here. There is no need to convince mass numbers of people on these issues. We just need to nudge everyone to finally say “We’ve had enough”. Maybe then we will see changes take place much faster.

So, this is for all you women who are waiting for more men to stand with you. It’s my public statement. My feelings. My acknowledgment. I only wish my writing about this would be like a magic wand and solve everything. I know it won’t. And as another human, that makes me sad.

To everyone – It’s time to say “We’ve had enough”. Make your own public stand. Help make a change.

Be part of the solution.

Silence can be part of the problem.


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